This precious mineral water of delicious taste and quality springs up close to the charming Gaderská Valley, in a scenic region located in the heart of Slovakia and in the close proximity of famous Turčianske Teplice.

Its taste is refreshing and it has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It also helps digestive system, respiratory system and kidney functioning and can support liver and gall functioning. It supplies missing minerals and covers the recommended daily calcium intake.

Budiš mineral water can be characterized as:

  1. Natural mineral water, cold, hypotonic, carbonated, containing hydrogen carbonate and sulphur and sodium and calcium;
  2. Transition type sodium, calcium– bicarbonate;
  3. Alkali-earth, carbonated water;

Thanks to its chemical composition, this water has biological effects of the following specification:

  1. Stimulating effect on gastric juice secretion and neutralizing effect of gastric juice; reduced viscosity of mucus has good effect on dyspepsia and biliary tract and when inhaled it reduces airway inflammations.
  2. Anti-inflammatory effect on internal organs, especially on:
    • Urinary tract;
    • Organs of digestive system;
    • Organs of respiratory system;
  3. Anti-allergic effect;
  4. It reduces the excitability of motor nerves and muscles, spasm of smooth muscles and organs of digestive, respiratory and urinary system. In the case of an increased excitability it improves the mobility of urinary, digestive and respiratory tract.
  5. It influences the absorption of calcium in our body so as the body is able to use it better.

Budiš mineral water helps achieve the optimum supply of calcium daily intake. It also prevents osteoporosis that has become a serious medical and social issue.

Its drinking has a positive effect on digestive tract problems, dyspeptic syndromes related to an increased acidity of gastric juice, functional and inflammatory diseases of the biliary tract, chronic inflammations of airways and urinary tract and allergic diseases.

Analysis carried out on 28th September 2010 in the accredited laboratory INGEO – ENVILAB , s.r.o. , Žilina
Total dissolved solids: 1,690 mg/l


When drunk, mineral water containing bicarbonate ion has an effect on the secretory function of the gastro-intestinal tract. It neutralises HCl in stomach and has a beneficial effect on the mucosa of internal organs producing pathological mucus thanks to its ability to reduce the viscosity of such mucus and to dissolve it. In combination with Na+ it has a stimulating effect on gastric juice secretion. It helps gall production and has a choleretic and cholecystokinetic effect. When consumed, it increases the alkaline reserve of blood. It has a beneficial effect on sugar metabolism and anti-diuretic effect.

In combination with CA++ it has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect and reduces the excitability of motor nerves and muscles, spasm of smooth muscles and organs of digestive, respiratory and urinary system.


Calcium is the fifth most common element in the human body that forms about 2% of the body weight. It is necessary for all the forms of life and is an inevitable part of cells, blood and skeleton. It influences membrane permeability, cell metabolism and takes part in the process of tissue enzymes releasing and hormone activation. Calcium ions are important for blood coagulation and are necessary for regular nervous and muscle tissue activities. Its lack causes disorders of bone mineralization.


When consumed, carbon dioxide stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and influences the resorption in gastrointestinal tract. It is also widely used in external balneotherapy in the form of carbonated baths.