Prizes awarded in 2005

Rhodos 2005 - a prize for an image in the category of non-alcoholic drinks
According to a representative sample of Slovak TOP managers, Budiš had the best image out of all non-alcoholic drinks. It won a prize in the Rhodos competition awarded for its image in the category of non-alcoholic drinks. Kofola came second and Coca-Cola third. This prestigious prize is awarded to the winning brands by the Rhodos Association in 10 categories, which have the best and the most prestigious image according to TOP managers in Slovakia. From 1996, the Rhodos prize has also been awarded in the Czech Republic. The importance of image is also confirmed by the fact that Budiš has maintained a brilliant leading position in the market of mineral and table waters despite its ever-stronger competitors. It has been defined as the most purchased mineral water by 25% of the population, which is twice as much as the second most purchased mineral water.

Prizes awarded in 2004

bronzová EFFIE
for the campaign. When you once start drinking it you would not be able to stop. EFFIE is the most characteristic prize for the entire advertising industry and marketing communication sector since it is advertisement results, i.e. the actual and primary goal of advertisement that is awarded in this competition. EFFIE Slovakia is a national competition of marketing communication efficiency. This has to combine everything defining a good marketing program, namely planning, market research, creativity and account management. All these items have to demonstrate its close partnership during brand forming, managing and building.

Zlatý klinec 2004
Zlatý klinec 2004, a national competition of creativity, Bratislava, Slovakia TV and Cinema Commercial category - TV spot called "Rýchlochodec/Race walker"

Certificate of Merit
The 40th Chicago International Television Awards, Chicago, USA TV and Cinema Commercial category - TV spot "Rýchlochodec/Race walker"

Clio Awards 2004
Miami Beach, Florida, USA TV and Cinema Commercial category - TV spot "Rýchlochodec/Race walker"

Rodos 2004

GFK 2004

Prizes awarded in 2003

The most trusted brand, European Trusted Brands 2003

The best brand, GfK Koloseum 2003

The best-known brand, DICIO 2003

The best-selling brand, AC Nielsen 2003

The most purchased brand, DICIO 2003

The most consumed brand, DICIO 2003

Mobius Award - Mobius Golden Statue 2003 (1st place), Los Angeles, California, USA

New York Advertising Festivals. Bronze World Medal, (3rd place), New York, USA

Ad Spot Award 2003. 1st place, Palermo, Italy

Golden Drum award - Short list 2003, Portorož, Slovenia

Eurobest - Short list 2003, London, Great Britain

Silver Nail award - Zlatý klinec (Golden Nail Awards) 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia - Print and Poster category

Silver Nail award - Zlatý klinec (Golden Nail Awards) 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia - TV and Cinema Commercial category

Other awards

GOLDEN drum 2002 finalist

Bronze EFFIE